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Our wines express the interaction between the place and the grape varieties, keeping in mind our tradition and heritage.

The soils at Château Beaulieu are a mix of Argilo-Calcaire (limestone and clay), which tend to produce wines that are a bit more approachable with soft tannins and lovely fruit, with their perfect exposition (South and South-west), it brings deepness, bright fruit, elegance, and great power to our wines.

The Clay offers the advantage of returning water little by little with regularity to the vine, but has the disadvantage of being cold, which slows down the ripening of the grapes. It is therefore a complicated soil for cabernet-sauvignon which needs heat to ripen but it is ideal for merlot and that is why it is quite present in our vineyard, in particular on the slopes of our beautiful amphitheatre of vines surrounding the Château. The Limestone allows the roots of the vine to draw water but do not retain this water over time, which creates balanced conditions of water stress for the vine.

The combination of these soils give our wines finess and great subtlety, and which often show a good minerality.

"Whenever you drink a bottle of Château Beaulieu , let the glass you drink remembers you well!”

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