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The terroir & the environment


The Côtes de Bourg called BOURG or Bourgeais are among the oldest vineyards of Bordeaux. Historians place the wine vocation of Bourg around the 2nd century, when the Romans planted the first plan of "Vitis Biturica" designated as the ancestor of Cabernet. The Romans had already understood that the richness of the soils, the climate and the exposure of the land on the right bank of the river were all favorable element to cultivation of wine grapes


Château Beaulieu is made up of clay-limestone soils in the upper parts of the slopes and clay-silty soils on the lower parts of the slopes.


Château Beaulieu enjoys a temperate climate, particularly mild under the influence of the Atlantic Ocean and the Gironde estuary.

The oceanic-type climate marked by mild winters and

rather hot summer temperatures.

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