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The history of Château Beaulieu


A New Chapter with Emile Maufras


The late 19th century marks a pivotal era for Château Beaulieu, coming under the stewardship of Emile Maufras, an acclaimed member of the Bordeaux Academy and a devoted contributor to the historical archives of Aunis, Saintonge, and Gironde. As a local scholar, Maufras enriched the history of Bourg-sur-Gironde through his archaeological findings in our vineyard, thus testifying to our terroir's rich cultural heritage.

18th century

Foundations by Pierre Robert


The distinctive architecture of Château Beaulieu, envisioned by notary Pierre Robert, embodies elegance and functionality with its emblematic Chartreuse. This harmonious construction, set against a sloping terrain and crowned with a retaining wall, represents an innovative blend of tradition and innovation.


The "Côtes de Bourg" Appellation Recognized


The Civil Tribunal of Blaye officially recognized the "Côtes de Bourg" appellation, highlighting the uniqueness of our clay-limestone and gravelly terroir. This distinction underscores the commitment of Bourg canton's winemakers to perpetuate a winemaking tradition focused on quality and authenticity.


Excellence Acknowledged as "Cru Bourgeois"


Our wines' prestigious reputation was celebrated as early as 1868 when Edouard Feret acknowledged us as a "cru bourgeois". This early accolade reflects Château Beaulieu's consistency and excellence in crafting exceptional wines.


Expansion and Modernization of the Wine Cellars


The ambitious renovation of our cellar marked a significant step towards oenological innovation and excellence. These improvements symbolize our quest for technical optimization and oenotourism development, propelling Château Beaulieu towards new horizons of quality and engagement.


Official Endorsement by the INAO


The "Côtes de Bourg" appellation for our red wines was formally recognized by the INAO, cementing our esteemed position in the Bordeaux viticultural landscape and affirming our production's uniqueness according to controlled designation of origin criteria.


Environmental Commitment with HVE Certification

hve_coul_1 (1).png

Our "High Environmental Value" level 3 certification illustrates our dedication to biodiversity, responsible vineyard management, and minimized ecological impact, highlighting our responsibility towards nature and our consumers.


Transitioning to Organic Viticulture


Our move towards organic farming underscores our firm commitment to environmentally respectful winemaking and ecosystem preservation. This thoughtful and rigorous approach demonstrates our intention to produce wines that honor the earth and meet the expectations of discerning enthusiasts.

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