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An emblematic castle of the region

The Chartreuse Bordelaise


A Past Deeply Rooted in the Bordeaux Lands

Nestled in a valley adorned with vines and woods, Château Beaulieu spans a 25-hectare estate, with 20 hectares dedicated to vine cultivation. This quintessential Bordeaux chartreuse, constructed in the 18th century by a family of notaries from Bourg, has origins that reach back to prehistoric times. Notably, around 1900, the then-owner, Emile Maufras, author of "The History of Gironde" and a contemporary of the President of the Council of the Republic, discovered a polished stone axe and arrowheads on the property.


The heart of the heritage

Overlooking the vineyard, the Bordeaux Chartreuse is complemented by two outbuildings, significantly expanding the castle's usable space. One of these annexes houses our shop and tasting room.


The Wine Cellar


The concrete wine tanks, constructed alongside the castle in the 19th century, offer high thermal inertia, minimizing sudden temperature fluctuations.


The estate also features a modern thermoregulated stainless steel wine cellar and a semi-underground cellar with capacity for 350 barrels.

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