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Unveiling the Majesty of Côtes de Bourg: A King Without a Crown

For centuries, the appellation of Côtes de Bourg has been renowned for producing top-quality Bordeaux wines. The unique combination of soils, subsoils, climates, and microclimates within this terroir contributes to the remarkable diversity and strength of its wines.

Scenic view of the vineyard under a clear blue sky at Château Beaulieu, highlighting the natural beauty and serene atmosphere of the Côtes de Bourg region.

Côtes de Bourg wines are celebrated for their exceptional quality, thanks to the favorable ecosystem that nurtures vine growth and wine development. Nestled across the Gironde estuary, this appellation boasts higher elevations and picturesque hillsides, offering stunning natural scenery.

The soils in Côtes de Bourg are a harmonious blend of sand, clay, and gravel, providing the perfect foundation for vine cultivation. While Merlot dominates the vineyards, Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, and Malbec also thrive amidst the diverse terroir. Additionally, the region's exposure to sunlight, altitude variations, and microclimates further enhance wine quality, allowing the full spectrum of Côtes de Bourg terroir to shine through.

If you're seeking value in Bordeaux wines and wish to explore the essence of Côtes de Bourg, we invite you to visit Château Beaulieu. Immerse yourself in our vineyard's rich heritage, taste our exceptional wines, and experience the true essence of Côtes de Bourg terroir firsthand.


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