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Our vineyard manager preparing his nettle-based infusion, a precious ally for maintaining efficiency and satisfactory phytosanitary conditions while reducing the doses of phytosanitary products;

It's bio energizing and bio stimulating and has an action on the functioning of the vine. Rich in organic and mineral elements, it is an effective fertilizer against mildew, rust, powdery mildew.


Nettle is rich in nitrogen, trace elements, iron and magnesium - I use it as a basic supply to stimulate and strengthen the immune defences of the vines against diseases and parasites. The preparation is done in a 10% dilution: 1 liter of extract + 9 liters of water.

  • In short maceration, nettle infusion is insecticide and fungicide, and in long maceration (10 to 15 days) it serves as a fertilizer and growth stimulator.

  • I use it two weeks apart by spraying it directly on the vines, it increases the action of root absorption before flowering and fruiting, it also boosts and restore vigour to the vines and hardens the cells.


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