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Nettle-Based Infusion: A Natural Solution for Vineyard Vitality

Discover the Power of Organic Pest Control at Château Beaulieu

Meet REMY, Our Vineyard Manager, as He Harnesses the Benefits of Nettle Infusion

At Château Beaulieu, we prioritize sustainable vineyard practices to ensure the health and vitality of our vines. One of our key allies in this endeavor is the nettle-based infusion, expertly prepared by our dedicated Vineyard Manager, Remy. This natural solution serves as a potent tool for maintaining vineyard efficiency and promoting optimal phytosanitary conditions, all while minimizing the use of chemical products.

The Bio-Energizing Benefits of Nettle Infusion

Nettle infusion acts as a bio-energizer and bio-stimulant, actively supporting the vine's functionality. Rich in organic and mineral elements, including nitrogen, trace elements, iron, and magnesium, it functions as an effective fertilizer and defense mechanism against common vineyard pests and diseases such as mildew, rust, and powdery mildew.

Insights from Remy

REMY's expertise lies in utilizing nettle infusion to stimulate and fortify the vines' immune defenses against diseases and parasites. He employs a 10% dilution ratio, mixing 1 liter of nettle extract with 9 liters of water for optimal effectiveness.

Versatile Applications for Vineyard Health

Nettle infusion offers versatility in its application. During short maceration periods, it acts as both an insecticide and fungicide. In longer maceration periods ranging from 10 to 15 days, it transforms into a potent fertilizer and growth stimulator. Remy strategically applies the infusion every two weeks, directly spraying it onto the vines. This enhances root absorption, particularly before flowering and fruiting stages, while also rejuvenating vine vigor and cell resilience.

Love in Action: Sustainable Vineyard Management at Château Beaulieu

At Château Beaulieu, love for the land translates into actionable practices that prioritize vineyard health and vitality. REMY's dedication to crafting and applying nettle infusion exemplifies our commitment to sustainable viticulture, ensuring that each bottle of Château Beaulieu wine embodies the essence of our organic philosophy.

Join us in celebrating the marriage of tradition and innovation at Château Beaulieu, where love for the vine and respect for nature converge to produce exceptional wines.


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