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Discover the Essence of Château Beaulieu: Organic Elegance from Côtes de Bourg

A serene view of Château Beaulieu vineyard under a somber grey sky, showcasing rows of meticulously tended grapevines sprawling across the rolling landscape. The vineyard's lush greenery contrasts with the overcast atmosphere, highlighting the organic beauty of the Bordeaux region's Côtes de Bourg appellation. The image captures the quiet majesty of the vineyard, awaiting the next burst of sunshine to ripen its bountiful grapes.

At Château Beaulieu, nestled in the heart of the Bordeaux region's prestigious Côtes de Bourg appellation, we are proud to present our collection of organic wines that perfectly embody the harmonious dialogue between our cherished vineyard's terroir and the select grape varieties we cultivate. Our commitment to preserving our rich tradition and heritage is reflected in every bottle, offering you a taste of our dedication to quality and the expression of our unique landscape.

Our vineyard's soils are a distinctive blend of Argilo-Calcaire, combining limestone and clay, which contributes to the creation of wines that are immediately inviting, characterized by their soft tannins and vibrant fruitiness. Thanks to our vineyard's optimal exposure, facing South and South-west, our wines are imbued with a depth, a brightness of fruit, elegance, and a remarkable power that distinguish them in the Bordeaux region.

The clay in our soil is particularly beneficial, as it gradually releases moisture to the vines, ensuring a consistent hydration. However, its cool nature poses a challenge for the ripening of Cabernet Sauvignon, which thrives under warmer conditions. This is why Merlot plays a starring role in our vineyard, particularly thriving on the slopes of our spectacular amphitheatre of vines that encircle the Château. The limestone component of our soil, meanwhile, allows the vine roots to access water without retaining it excessively, fostering a balance that induces beneficial water stress for the vines.

This unique combination of soil types at Château Beaulieu lends our wines an unparalleled finesse and subtlety, often highlighted by a delightful minerality. Our wines are a testament to the intricate relationship between soil, climate, and vine, offering connoisseurs and enthusiasts alike a truly authentic taste of our organic vineyard's essence.

We invite you to experience the joy of Château Beaulieu's wines, where every sip is a reminder of our commitment to excellence and the beauty of our organic practices. "Whenever you drink a bottle of Château Beaulieu, let the glass you drink remind you well of the exquisite journey from our vineyard to your table."

Explore the legacy of Château Beaulieu, where tradition meets innovation in each bottle, capturing the true spirit of Côtes de Bourg's organic viticulture.


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