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The father of wine “Cabernet Franc”

Normally tucked away in our blends, Cabernet Franc has been very present at Château Beaulieu and this for over a century, enhancing our wines with a fresh herbaceous aroma, floral elegance, and a distinctive spice. It is a very transparent grape and expresses our terroir amazingly well.

It is the combination of taste, sense of place and character which makes this grape a perfect match for our limestone soil.

Just a perfect synergy at Chateau Beaulieu.

This is the ultimate complementary grape variety. It is characterized by early maturity and elegant tannins and it is known as Bouchet in Saint-Émilion, and yes indeed we also can boast the same exquisiteness with our terroir at Château Beaulieu.

A new “PARCELLE” of Cabernet Franc was planted three years ago in our vineyard, and to celebrate their third year, we will soon be launching a 100% Cabernet Franc.

Watch the space!

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