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Trimming “Le Rognage”

Trimming consists in cutting all the branches growing too high above the vine and hanging in the rows. It facilitates the training that steers the vines in a specific direction. Our aim at Château Beulieu is to improve the quality and the performance of the yield.

This operation is harmless, but in fact it has its importance since it has an influence on the development of the hormonal constitution of the vine. Each end of a branch called “Apex” contains hormones, if you cut them there is a risk of destabilizing the functioning of the vine and in particular the entry stage into the maturation cycle.

REMY our « Vineyard Manager »

I wait for the vine to reach the end of growth at the end of July beginning of August, only then I do the trimming. I cut the branches and when we manage to work with a moderate rigor we only need to do a single trimming without being overwhelmed by the branches.


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