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Pruning for Quality: Enhancing Vine Performance at Château Beaulieu

Trimming, an essential practice at Château Beaulieu, involves meticulous pruning to ensure optimal vine growth and yield performance. This technique involves cutting back branches that extend too high above the vine and intrude into the rows, thereby guiding the vines in a specific direction. Our primary goal is to elevate both the quality and productivity of our organic vineyard in the prestigious Côtes de Bourg region of Bordeaux.

The Science Behind Trimming

Although seemingly innocuous, trimming plays a crucial role in shaping the hormonal constitution of the vine. Each branch's apex contains vital hormones, and improper pruning can disrupt the vine's growth and maturation cycle. At Château Beaulieu, our approach to trimming is guided by precision and moderation to maintain vine health and stability.

Insights from Remy, our Vineyard Manager

Remy employs a strategic approach to trimming. He waits patiently until late July or early August, allowing the vines to complete their growth cycle before commencing pruning. By exercising moderate rigor, Remy ensures that a single trimming session suffices, preventing overwhelming vine growth and promoting balanced vine development.

Achieving Vine Balance and Excellence

At Château Beaulieu, we recognize the importance of inducing a harmonious balance in our vines through expert trimming techniques. By carefully managing vine growth and hormonal equilibrium, we enhance grape quality and optimize yield performance. Our commitment to organic viticulture underscores every aspect of our vineyard management practices, ensuring that each bottle of Château Beaulieu wine reflects the dedication to excellence ingrained in our vineyard's DNA.

Join us on a journey of vineyard excellence and organic innovation at Château Beaulieu. Experience the distinctive flavors and unparalleled quality of our Côtes de Bourg wines, crafted with care and precision in the heart of Bordeaux's renowned wine country.


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