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Tailoring the wine making process at Chateau Beaulieu

One thing worth remembering is that organic wine is not necessarily vegetarian. An "organic" labelled wine is therefore not necessarily vegan or vegetarian and likewise. Vegan & Vegetarian wines are becoming more and more popular and become special.

Conventionally produced wine is not a natural product and is usually manipulated to taste and appear a certain way. One step in the production of wine often includes a process called fining and this is where animal products are commonly used to clarify the wine.

At Chateau Beaulieu we avoid using this type of fining and our Maître de Chai uses a vegetable glue developed from vegetable-based proteins such as peas, wheat or even potato. These ingredients are used in the ‘fining’ or filtration process to help remove solids such as grape skins, stems, pips, and yeast. The agent is added to the wine then spreads out and sinks to the bottom dragging the unwanted elements down with it.

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