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Since 2017


A strong point at Château Beaulieu is the reduction of inputs to limit the use of phytosanitary products, and “Eudemis” is the targeted butterfly.

This limits the production of eggs, and therefore caterpillars. The female can lay 50 to 80 eggs. The larvae or caterpillars consume the flower buds. They can also enter the berries to feed, and cause wounds on the berries, which will be risk factors for the development of Botrytis Cinerea which affects the quality and quantity of the harvest.

PUFFERS are positioned and meticulously tied around the vineyard at precise points using GPS, they vaporize pheromones from 17pm to 6.00 am thus disrupting the mating cycle and helping to regulate the population.

Counting is done 3 times a week by Sylvain and Remy to monitor the development of the sexual confusion inside and outside the vineyard.


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