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Mastering Vine Care: The Art of Vine Lifting at Château Beaulieu

Technicians Sylvain and Remy expertly conducting vine lifting at Château Beaulieu, an organic vineyard in the Côte de Bourg region of Bordeaux. The image captures them adjusting wires to guide the vine's growth, set against the backdrop of lush, green vine rows under a clear blue sky, demonstrating the meticulous care and precision involved in sustainable vineyard management.

From May through July, the picturesque vineyards of Château Beaulieu, nestled in the heart of the Côte de Bourg region of Bordeaux, come alive with the meticulous process of vine lifting. This crucial task is expertly conducted by our seasoned technicians, Sylvain and Remy, who bring years of experience and precision to the vineyard. At Château Beaulieu, an organic vineyard known for its commitment to sustainability and quality, this process is more than just routine maintenance; it's an art form that enhances the vine's growth and fruit quality.

The Technique Behind Vine Lifting

Vine lifting, or 'relevage', is a sophisticated technique designed to manage the vine's canopy and ensure optimal growth conditions. By carefully lifting and securing the wires, our team ensures that the vines' twigs remain within the designated row, preventing entanglement and promoting even sunlight exposure and air circulation. As the vine grows, the wires are adjusted upwards, guiding the foliage in a controlled manner.

This detailed process not only aids in the current year's growth but also sets the stage for successful future harvests. A well-executed lift facilitates essential vineyard practices such as leaf stripping, trimming, and green harvesting, ensuring that Château Beaulieu's grapes develop with the ideal balance of exposure and protection.

The Craftsmanship of Sylvain and Remy

Under the skilled hands of Sylvain and Remy, vine lifting transforms into a precise architectural endeavor. Utilizing spikes and wooden stakes, the wires are carefully placed and secured with staples to withstand the pressure of the growing foliage. This arrangement allows for the foliage to be meticulously managed between two threads, a practice typically repeated twice annually to closely monitor and support the vine's development.

Celebrating Organic Viticulture at Château Beaulieu

At Château Beaulieu, the dedication to organic viticulture is evident in every step of our vineyard management practices. Our commitment to sustainable and environmentally friendly methods is what sets our Bordeaux wines apart. Through the skilled labor of our technicians and the thoughtful application of organic principles, we ensure that each bottle of Château Beaulieu wine captures the essence of our unique terroir.

Join us in celebrating the craftsmanship and organic integrity that define Château Beaulieu. Experience the taste of Bordeaux, where tradition meets innovation in every glass.


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