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Mastery and Precision

The Lifting of vines is carried out from May to July at Château BEAULIEU by our technicians Sylvain & Remy. It consists in lifting the wires to paliss the vine and prevent the twigs from coming out of the row, mounting the lifting wires as the foliage grows.


A straight lifting will facilitate stripping, trimming or green harvesting. It will also make it possible to prepare in the best conditions the interventions of the following year and in particular the fall of wood.


Lifting is not just about pinching a pair of wires. It is an intervention that requires mastery and precision, a true architectural work.

Wires are placed on spikes located on wooden stakes and are held together by staples in order to resist the pressure exerted by the foliage. The foliage is arranged between the 2 threads; The operation is generally carried out twice a year in order to monitor the growth of the vine, with some variations on the procedure.

Highlighting the work at Château BEAULIEU

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