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The father of wine “Cabernet Franc”

Sunlight filtering through the lush leaves of Cabernet Franc vines at Château Beaulieu, casting a warm glow over the ripening grapes in the Bordeaux region. The image captures the serene beauty of the vineyard under the radiant sunshine, highlighting the vibrant greenery and the promising bounty of the Cabernet Franc grape variety.

At Château Beaulieu, we take pride in our century-long tradition of incorporating Cabernet Franc into our blends. This revered grape variety brings a fresh herbaceous aroma, floral elegance, and a touch of distinctive spice to our wines, making them stand out in the Bordeaux landscape. Known for its transparent expression of terroir, Cabernet Franc highlights the unique characteristics of our vineyard's setting.

Our limestone-rich soil and Cabernet Franc create a harmonious synergy, perfectly aligning taste, sense of place, and character. This makes Cabernet Franc an ideal match for our terroir, embodying the essence of Château Beaulieu's commitment to showcasing the natural beauty of our organic vineyard.

Often referred to as Bouchet in the Saint-Émilion region, Cabernet Franc is celebrated for its early ripening, elegant tannins, and its ability to complement the complexity of our blends. We are proud to share that our terroir at Château Beaulieu rivals the exquisiteness found in Saint-Émilion, thanks to the optimal conditions our vineyard provides for this grape variety.

In a testament to our dedication to this exceptional grape, we planted a new parcel of Cabernet Franc three years ago. As these vines reach their third year, we are excited to announce the upcoming launch of a 100% Cabernet Franc wine. This new offering will showcase the pure expression of Cabernet Franc, celebrating its contribution to our vineyard's legacy.

Stay tuned for this exciting addition to our selection of organic wines. Château Beaulieu continues to honor our heritage while embracing innovation, and we look forward to sharing this 100% Cabernet Franc with enthusiasts and connoisseurs alike. Discover the perfect expression of Côtes de Bourg's terroir through the unique charm of Cabernet Franc at Château Beaulieu.


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