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Pruning Vines and Sustainable Viticulture

Sylvain Pauzet, responsable technique à Château Beaulieu, taillant les vignes avec précision pour une taille Guyot Simple.

In our organic vineyard, Château Beaulieu, nestled in the Côtes de Bourg region at the heart of Bordeaux, Sylvain Pauzet, our technical manager, meticulously prepares our vines for Guyot Simple pruning, especially on our young vines.

According to SP: "When the vine leaves fall, the longest vineyard work begins: Pruning."

Pruning represents the crucial first step in the vine's annual cycle, occurring just after harvest. Its main objective is to ensure better sap circulation to the buds, thus guaranteeing vine growth and longevity for optimal grape quality. Several methods are employed to train the vine and produce grapes. It is imperative to leave one-year-old wood (smooth bark) with well-visible buds, as one-year-old wood is fruitful, actively participating in grape production and trunk formation.

This meticulous attention to vine pruning illustrates our commitment to organic and sustainable viticultural practices at Château Beaulieu, where every gesture is carefully executed to preserve the health and vitality of our vines and produce grapes of exceptional quality.


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