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Côtes de Bourg is an appellation that has been producing high-quality Bordeaux wines for hundreds of years. The combination of soils, subsoils, climates, microclimates contribute to the strength and diversity within this same terroir.

The wines from the Côtes de Bourg are of extremely high quality, which can be explained by a formidable ecosystem favourable to the growth of the vines and the development of the wine. Located across the Gironde estuary, the appellation is higher and hillier than the flatter lands of the Medoc, and the aspect lends a beautiful natural scenery to the area.

Soils are a mixture of sand, clay and gravel, and the wines are predominantly made from Merlot, though Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc and Malbec also exist amongst the vines. Although the soils are varied, exposure to the sun, altitude and microclimates are also extraordinarily rich; there is a wide variety which influences the quality of the wine and allows the full diversity of the Cotes de Bourg terroir to be expressed.

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